O nama

By Vjetar

Frajeri iz Centra (hr_HR) / Hackers from Within (en_EN)

English transcription was given by dr. Vid Martin Strpic & mr. eeZee as described in “€ł¢m, €Nŧæ, Ñ: «þ@Ñ»” [elemđŋħj-entae-nj: PANJ](¶¢€2^7..spectrum..), their never published book of Chaos Talk, at page 3.14159, paragraf c=64, when taljikinj colors aboutž Fimin.

When Ozzy Osbourne was told, The Hit – Imortal Song, in Near Reality Identity, while in The House, Madison “Red Square”, Ozzy, stupid old Ozzy, he gucked horse, picked a vibrator, gucked plain G. Plain G. The G. fucked single critical keytone, AND… And.. and singed his immortal theme H/F way, exactly orddered dirty. (Woowt? This? INRI WITH mrs. “0”? Soo??? HGH? P.A.V??? GPG??? PG??? TG?????????? fsck, AAa!!!, Shit!)


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